Bezpieczeństwo z systemem inteligentnego domu

Nowadays it's hard to imagine a house without an alarm system. It's not surprising, as it is a basic security measure for any home - you just can't do without it. It is, however, also a bare minimum. High quality alarm system paired with a monitoring system offers a lot of safety by itself. Should you decide to add the GRENTON System and combine those two systems into one, you will be able to turn your house into a real fortress. How can I combine the two systems?

Alarm system and smart house system can be integrated together in one of the two ways: by using a special interface module or by using binary inputs/outputs. The first method offers more features, it requires, however, the central alarm controls to have a specific interface compatible with the rest of the alarm system. The second method is very simple - because it employs standard communication inputs/outputs present in pretty much any alarm central control system, you only need  to worry whether it has enough inputs/outputs to allow you to connect the smart house system to it.
What benefits does such integration offer?

Why would I integrate my alarm system with a smart house system? The answer is simple: to get even more from both of them. By integrating those two systems, the smart house becomes the executive module for the alarm and is able to react according to any scenario it has defined. This by itself offers you incredible freedom and increases the comfort of everyday use. When you activate the alarm using the access panel, the central alarm control system will notify your smart house and it will turn off any unused lamps and cut off unnecessary electrical circuits, will roll down all the blinds and shut off water and gas mains. The reverse is also possible: if you turn the smart house module into the absence mode, it will automatically arm the alarm.
Integration of smart house and alarm systems offers incredible new capabilities.

When the burglary alarm goes off, the system will offer a number of new features. Triggered alarm will not only sound the horn and send a break-in notification, but will also turn on lights in the garden and all around the house, making police or security intervention easier. Similar thing will happen in case of a fire alarm: the smart house system will increase the security by turning on the lights and opening external doors.

There is a lot of rumour regarding burglars that use sleeping gas. They can be particularly dangerous, when your home has mechanical air circulation system, as the burglar can put the gas into the system via air inlet in the garden and have it spread all around the house, putting everyone inside to sleep. Smart GRENTON system will protect you from any such danger. When the sleeping gas sensor detects the gas and notifies the smart house of that fact, the system will immediately shut down the air circulation system and will instruct the alarm system to turn the alarm on.
Additional functions

Smart house can also prevent the need for the alarm to go off at all. Burglars usually watch the house they want to break into. Use the Grenton System to ensure, that they don't see patterns in your family's life - hours, when your home is always empty or when everyone is asleep. You can use lighting for that purpose (making some lamps just turn on in the middle of the night), as well as blinds (making them roll up for short periods of time at odd hours) or audio and video equipment (allowing your TV turn on sometimes, even though there is no one to watch it), setting up the show that can be seen from the outside. You can also simulate your presence when you go away for longer periods of time. You can have the blinds go up and down as usual, make the lights turn on in the evening and let the TV turn on by itself.

The simplest way to do that is to use the Grenton System to set up particular situations, chains of events related to activity at night, when you are out or have gone on a trip, including the elements described above. It will discourage any burglars from trying to break into your keep.