Soon, every second homeowner will be a potential buyer of the Grenton Smart Home system.

15 277 540 - it is the number of Google searches in Europe related to Smart Homes and their functionalities over the last year!

Who buys Smart Home technologies?

Individual customers - flats, houses, residences

Lighting control, heating control, HVAC or roller blind management or the desire to integrate household appliances indicated by the customer, all using one system, one panel, one button - these are the arguments that convince customers to buy Grenton Smart Home. The argument about the savings associated with having Grenton further convinces them to our brand.

Industrial facilities

Optimization of operational costs, optimization of energy costs, faster and more efficient management of large-size buildings - these are the main reasons why we receive more and more inquiries regarding the automation of industrial buildings / intelligent installations in industrial buildings.

Construction companies

Why are construction companies asking about Grenton? First of all, they want to be more competitive on the real estate market. And - secondly - they are convinced by the fact that Grenton Smart Home is a fully hybrid - wired and wireless solution in one and thus they can install Grenton at any stage of the investment.

Hotels, apartments, motels

Hotels and guesthouses are open 24 hours a day, but the staff do not necessarily work 24 hours. Owners and managers from the tourist industry are increasingly willing to introduce building automation systems, because it just pays off - they allow the automation of most energy consuming systems within the hotel (light control, climate control), as well as provide better quality and comfort for guests.

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